Research Surveys Overview


The APPD Surveys Enhancing Educator Knowledge (SEEK), formerly known as the Research and Scholarship Learning Community, is charged with establishing an organizational framework that will promote the APPD (or its individual members) to conduct research projects that will contribute knowledge to the APPD or to the field of pediatric postgraduate medical education. Such research projects may include study of program operations, as well as projects designed to study novel curricular or evaluation instruments that will allow programs to address and measure ACGME competencies.

APPD Survey Policy

Members of the APPD are key leaders in pediatric graduate medication education and can provide valuable information and insights into graduate medical education, training, and other aspects of pediatrics.

The goals of this survey policy are:

  1. To improve the quality of survey research involving graduate medical education program leadership
  2. To prioritize important issues and facilitate the process for important studies
  3. To respect time constraints and make data collection more efficient

The APPD Research and Scholarship Learning Community reviews surveys prior to distribution to the following membership types (pediatric program directors, associate program directors, coordinators, and chief residents). The APPD Research and Scholarship Learning Community does NOT review surveys of residents and fellows.

Consider contacting APPD LEARN if interested in surveying residents.

Consider contacting APPD SPIN if interested in surveying fellows or fellowship program directors.

Survey proposal applications will be reviewed January 31, May 31, and September 30. Only complete applications submitted by January 31, May 31, and September 30 will be reviewed. Please note that the PI of the survey proposal must be an APPD member.

To download a word document of the proposal submission fields, click here.

Incomplete survey proposal applications - including those with no IRB approval attached - will NOT be reviewed. We anticipate a response within 8 weeks of the survey proposal application deadline.

Surveys approved for distribution will be labeled as an "Approved APPD Survey" prior to distribution.

Ultimately, this process is designed to leverage APPD resources and expertise in order to facilitate research. Receiving approval does not mandate participation of members. Each member may choose whether or not to participate. Furthermore, although we cannot regulate whether surveys not vetted through this process are distributed by others, we will discourage this and limit access to member contact information whenever able.

Additional Survey Process Information