An APPD Learning Community is a group of APPD members who share learning interests and goals and who communicate regularly to collaborate on learning and projects.

These communities may serve as a platform for cohort-based, interdisciplinary approaches to deeper learning and sharing, as well as work on common projects to develop new innovations and define effective methods to meet their shared goals. Learning Communities will facilitate valuable contributions to the ongoing work of APPD including mentoring programs, survey review, etc., as well as new projects.

APPD currently has 12 Learning Communities. Browse and learn more about each one below.

Online Communities
Each Learning Community also has their own online community on APPD Connect, APPD's online community for members.
Visit APPD Connect and join a Learning Community to get involved!

APPD Council of Learning Community Chairs

The Chair and Vice Chair of each Learning Community together form the Council of Learning Community Chairs (CoLCC).

Amanda Rogers, MD, Chair, Council of Learning Community Chairs (2024 - 2026)
Associate Residency Program Director
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals
Children's Corp Ctr, 999 N. 92nd St, Ste C560
Wawatosa, WI 53226

Visit individual Learning Community pages to view leadership within those communities. 

Interested in Forming a New Learning Community?

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