About APPD Share Warehouse

APPD Share Warehouse is a platform for members to access resources shared by other members of APPD. Effective August 2022, Share Warehouse is now only an archive of documents that have been shared by members prior to August 2022.

Visit Share Warehouse to View Archived Resources

Share Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions 

To Share New Resources

To share a new document or resource with APPD members, please post on APPD Connect at https://connect.appd.org/home. You will be asked to login using your APPD website login credentials (same credentials you use for www.appd.org).

Once on APPD Connect, select an online community to post your resource to. For example, to share with all APPD members go to the "General Discussion" online community. Select the "Library" tab, then "Create Entry" button. Enter details about your resource then once completed, select "Finish" to post your document.