Vision 2020/2021

Vision: Exemplary pediatric education

Mission: To ensure the health and well-being of all children, we serve pediatric programs by leading the advancement of medical education, the development of a diverse workforce, the cultivation of an inclusive clinical learning environment, and promotion of educational innovation and research.

Values: Leadership • Innovation • Collaboration • Scholarship • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The core goals of Vision 2020/2021 are:

  1. Development of Programs and Members
  2. Organizational Excellence
  3. Leadership & Collaboration
  4. Research & Scholarship

Development of Programs and Members

Foster program development through supporting members in their professional development, academic advancement, career satisfaction and administrative activity.

Engagement of Members

  • Explore new methods to improve communication/awareness of APPD goals, achievements, programs and benefits.
  • Develop strategies to improve welcoming of new members.
  • Optimize engagement of all members.

Member Needs Assessment

  • Conduct needs assessment of member groups to identify their interests and priorities.

Wellness & Resilience

  • Promote wellness and resilience of APPD members.

Enhance Mentoring

  • Explore development of alternatives to current mentoring programs (i.e. coaching), considering hybrid models such as group mentoring, “big sib” program, etc. Consider certificates of completion for demonstrated successful mentoring: identify opportunities for mentoring through member personalized portfolios. Create FAQ.
  • Enhance current mentoring initiatives.

Enhance Leadership

  • Enhance curriculum to support professional development, including longitudinal pathways, APPD LEAD, Fall Meeting-Leadership, and develop interdisciplinary programming based on aspects of diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Describe ways to enhance diversity and inclusion among program faculty, PDs, APDs, FPDs, Coordinators, and Chief Residents at individual institutions.
  • Describe ways to enhance diversity and inclusion among APPD members and leadership.
  • Describe ways to enhance diversity and inclusion in the residency and fellowship programs.

Organizational Excellence

Maintain a dynamic organization with efficient and effective leadership that is responsive to its members.

Optimize Organizational Structure

  • Optimize the current structure (committees, task forces, PEGs, and regions) to optimize alignment with the organization and strategic plan and redesign core functions or purpose statements and charges as indicated.
  • Develop a process to receive, prioritize and balance the grass roots interests of the members while efficiently addressing strategic plan.


  • Assess current technology infrastructure, advise and recommend priorities for future investment in the technology necessary to support association functions.
  • Communicate with other project teams as they develop Vision 2020 to develop an inventory of potential areas for investment.

Leadership & Collaboration

Advance graduate medical education through engagement and collaboration.

Vision for Pediatric GME Training 

  • Identify areas for enhancing pediatric GME training to best meet the needs of children and produce pediatricians equipped to evolve with changing needs.

APPD Influence and Representation

  • Identify organizations with mutual interests in pediatric education and public policy development.
  • Establish representation in related organizations to develop credibility, increase focus on APPD agenda, and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Business Model

  • Create a business model to explore the development of Pediatric education products; intellectual property (IP) protected, revenue generating, supporting sustainable exemplary pediatric GME.

Research & Scholarship

Facilitate rigorous educational research, application and dissemination of best practices in GME which will lead to enhance the quality of future general and subspecialty pediatricians.

Research Strategic Plan and Priorities

  • Identify research priorities for the organization.
  • Create an exploratory project team charged with identifying gaps and developing strategy to develop pediatric educators as researchers

Development of Research Capabilities

  • Explore opportunities to expand research capacity by leveraging other organizations and existing APPD resources.