APPD LESSON: Longitudinal Educational Software Solutions and Outcomes Network


APPD LESSON is an exciting new APPD program created to assist members in creating robust online curricula for Pediatrics.

The purpose of APPD LESSON is to produce meaningful educational materials that advance the training of future Pediatricians for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of children. Our vision is to advance exemplary pediatric education through the assistance of educational technology, outcome-based curriculum development, and learner assessment.


  • Manage collaborative curriculum development workgroups, resulting in online educational materials with measurable learning outcomes.
  • Develop and administer an online Learning Management System (LMS), housed within the APPD organization.
  • Provide expert consultation for instructional design of asynchronous learning following the principles of andragogy and self-directed learning.
  • Communicate regularly with the APPD membership and the larger medical education community about activities, opportunities, and outcomes.
  • Explore, conduct, and coordinate curriculum development with other organizations and initiatives across a continuum of medical and non-medical education.
  • Facilitate tool assessment and outcomes-based educational research, collaborating with APPD LEARN, as indicated.


Do you have existing or future curricula that would be great for APPD LESSON?

Available Curricula

EMPOWER Pediatric Mental Health Curriculum - Newly Launched!

APPD LESSON is excited to announce the release of our new interactive, online curriculum (EMPOWER: Education in Mental Health improves Patient Outcomes, Well-being, and Emotional Resiliency), focused on educating your pediatric residents on the diagnosis and clinical management of pediatric behavioral mental health (BMH) conditions.

New Coordinator Onboarding

  • For new Pediatric residency and fellowship educational specialist.
  • Ideal for those within <1 year of employment
  • Launched - May 2023
  • If interested in completing this curriculum, submit your program here. 

Curricula in Development

LESSON Leadership

CHAIR: Linda Waggoner-Fountain, MD, MEd (2023-2026), University of Virginia
APPD LESSON Online Educational Director & Instructional Designer: Pamela Carpenter, MEd
APPD Board President: Patricia Poitevien, MD, MSc, Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University
Sabrina Ben-Zion, MD (2023-2026) Akron Children’s Hospital
Sharon Calaman, MD (2023-2026) New York University Grossman School of Medicine
Katherine Clouser, MD (2023-2026) Hackensack University Medical Center
Megan McCabe, MD (2023-2026) The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
Charlene Larson-Rotandi (2023-2026) Department Fellowship Manager/Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine
Elisa Phillips, MD (2023-2026) Fellow, Stanford University, School of Medicine
Margarita Ramos, MD (2023-2026) Fellow, Children’s National Hospital
APPD Executive Director: Laura E. Degnon, CAE