Mentoring: Bringing Members Together

Mentoring new APPD members in individual and group settings is a major component of our activities at the regional and national level. Members are linked by similar roles, program size, region, and academic interests.

Participating in the APPD Mentoring Program can benefit individuals in several ways through opportunities to:

  1. Develop an area of interest and expertise with a person who has experience in that particular area
  2. Assist you in creating your professional development plan
  3. Stimulate creative projects resulting in scholarly activities;
  4. Create professional relationships outside of your own institution.

There are currently two sub-groups within APPD who manage APPD’s mentoring activities:

The Faculty and Professional Development Learning Community created a Mentoring Subsection which hosts the All About You: Facilitated Mentoring Session at APPD Meetings. These professional development sessions target residency and fellowship program directors and associate program directors, department chairs, vice chairs of education, and others.

Mentoring for coordinators, managers, and other program administrators at APPD Meetings and throughout the year is provided through the Coordinators’ Mentoring Work Group, sponsored by the Coordinators’ Executive Committee and organized by region and areas of expertise. These discussions include job-related assistance, as well as career and professional development.

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