Program Coordinators

The APPD serves all members and programs, yet we also have focused resources, meeting tracks, and information specifically for Program Coordinators. Please use the links below to find additional information on the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Coordinators' Section.

The Association of Pediatric Program Directors Coordinators' Section is dedicated to promoting and enhancing graduate medical education in the specialty of pediatrics. The Coordinators' Section of APPD is established as an educational resource to foster the exchange of ideas and information for persons in the position of pediatric program coordinator. Our goal is to enhance graduate medical education within each program and promote communication among coordinators, program directors, and the APPD membership.

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Detailed information is in the Coordinator Handbook.

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Educational funding is available to assist pediatric residency and fellowship coordinators who wish to attend the APPD Annual Spring Meeting and the APPD Fall Meeting, but do not have full funding available from their program. Coordinators' Scholarship Application

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Note that APPD Policy states that the use of the information on this web page is prohibited for sending surveys or soliciting to the APPD members without prior approval.

To stay connected to other Coordinators and share in group resources, use the APPD Discussion Board and other site resources to build connections. Annual Meetings are a great time to come together and learn from each other and work with many different members.

Coordinators' Executive Committee

Amy Gaug C-TAGME (2019 - 2020) Chair
Senior Program Administrator, Pediatrics
University of Minnesota
2450 Riverside Ave, M136, East Bldg
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: (612) 624-4418
Fax: (612) 626-7042

Beth Wueste MAEd, C-TAGME (2019 - 2020) Chair-Elect
Associate Program Director
7703 Floyd Curl Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: (210) 562-5325
Fax: (N/A) -N/A

Michelle Brooks C-TAGME (2019 - 2020) Past Chair
Program Coordinator
Stanford Children's/Stanford Pediatrics
725 Welch Road, MC 5906
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: (650) 497-8979
Fax: (650) 497-8228

Tammy Bleeker MEd (2017 - 2020)
Assistant Director, Education & Training
University of Florida
UF Peds, Div of Med Educ, PO Box 100296
Gainesville, FL 32610
Phone: (352) 273-8466
Fax: (352) 294-8060

Francisco Hernandez MBA (2018 - 2021)
Assistant DIO
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
1610 Route 88, 3rd Floor
Brick, NJ 08724
Phone: (732) 295-6556
Fax: (732) 295-6090

Cassandra Shorter BS (2017 - 2022)
Academic Administrator
Baylor College of Medicine
6621 Fannin Street
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (832) 824-1173
Fax: (832) 825-9302


Coordinators' Executive Committee Responsibilities/Minimal Requirements

The Coordinators' Executive Committee will consist of three at-large members (serving three year terms), one Chair-Elect, one Chair and one Immediate Past Chair (serving a combined three year term, with a one year term in each position). The Coordinators' Executive Committee members are elected by the Coordinators' Section membership. A Coordinator must be a member of the APPD during the call for nominations to be considered. Any APPD member may nominate a coordinator, or a coordinator may nominate themselves to serve on the Executive Committee.

If for any reason once elected an executive committee member cannot fulfill the elected term, the Coordinators' Executive Committee may appoint a committee member with approval of the APPD Board. The committee person vacating their position will notify the Chair of the Coordinators' Executive Committee, who in turn will notify the Executive Director that a vacancy will occur.

Annually, the Coordinators' Executive Committee will identify the skill sets and knowledge desired to fill open positions on the Executive Committee. In addition to helping lead specific tasks/programs, it is expected that the Executive Committee will delegate to members within the section leadership projects to be carried out under the Executive Committees' supervision. Executive Committee work will be guided by the APPD Strategic Plan.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordinators' Executive Committee Members:

The Chair shall prepare the agenda for and preside at the meetings of the Coordinators' Executive Committee of the APPD. In addition, the Chair shall be responsible for working with section members throughout the year with concerns of and opportunities for the Section. The Chair shall be an excellent communicator, working closely with the APPD President or designee and Executive/Associate Director, in addition to the Executive Committee members, members of the coordinators sections and all APPD members. The Chair will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Ensure conference calls with the Coordinators Executive Committee occur monthly and that minutes are sent within two weeks to the APPD Board
  • Assume responsibility for bi-annual reporting to the APPD Board; and other times as requested.
  • Chair Coordinators' meetings during the APPD Annual Spring Meeting
  • Provide oversight for grassroots sessions and other key components of the spring and fall meetings as they pertain to the coordinators section, in concert with the planning committees
  • Communication of Key issues and strategic recommendations to the Board
  • Assume responsibility for presentations to the Board, if requested.

Assure that activities of the Coordinators' Executive Committee are guided by the APPD Strategic Plan The Immediate Past Chair will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Oversee Fall and Spring Meeting Planning with Chair-Elect
  • Circulate Report to all coordinators after fall and spring meeting
  • Act as contact for section membership requests from recent meetings
  • Assist the Chair as needed

The Chair-Elect will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Oversee Fall and Spring Meeting Planning with Immediate Past Chair, including but not limited to Professional Development Planning and new attendee planning
  • Oversee Task Force and Committee Chairs, to include but not limited to Communication/Tools Committee, Professional Development Committee, Scholarly Activity Committee
  • Assist the Chair as needed

The At-Large Year Executive Committee Member will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Oversee Share Warehouse information, including but not limited to additions and updates
  • Oversee Scholarship function for both meetings
  • Assist in preparation and presentation for Onboarding new members of the Executive Committee
  • Assist the Chair as needed

The At-Large Year 2 will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and update the mentoring program
  • Annually review "APPD Coordinator's Executive Committee Leadership Structure" for accuracy
  • Assist the Chair as needed

The At-Large Year 1 will have the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Take and distribute the minutes of Executive Committee conference calls to the EC and Exec Dir/Assoc Dir within ONE week of the call.
  • Assist the Chair as needed

Minimal Duties/Responsibilities for All Executive Committee Members

  • Attend APPD Fall and Spring meeting annually
  • Present workshops/presentations in the absence of other presenters for each meeting
  • Review and vote on all Coordinator Scholarship Awards and coordinator meeting abstract submissions
  • Welcome new coordinators and APPD members
  • Ensure close communication/collaboration with APPD Board and Association Executive management
  • Participate in monthly conference calls
  • Communicate with Section members as often as necessary to assure that member perspectives are represented
  • Meet onsite during the APPD Annual Fall and Spring Meeting
  • Develop recommendations to the Board regarding issues pertaining to, or affecting, Section members, including how these align with the APPD Strategic Plan, proposed timeline with action items and outcome measures and what budgetary implications may be connected to these recommendations.
  • On an ad-hoc basis the Section Executive Committee may communicate to the Board as needed
  • Help implement strategic plans in concert with the Board
  • Help implement requests from the Board
  • Identify plans arising from the Section that may help implement aspects of the APPD Strategic Plan
  • Encourage Section members to get involved with the work of APPD, including taking on leadership positions
  • Ensure that Section members are being served by conducting the following, which may be delegated with Executive Committee oversight/input:
  • Annual needs assessment of section
  • Needs assessments should have Board input/approval before dissemination
  • A summary of the needs assessment with proposed activities as a result of the survey should be presented to the Board

Criteria for selection of At-Large Members; the successful candidate will possess the following:

  1. Served as a coordinator for 3 or more years.
  2. Attended a minimum of 3 APPD meetings in past 5 years
  3. Given a presentation or workshop at APPD or other national meeting in past 5 years.
  4. Written paragraph on vision of how they can serve the Coordinators Section.
  5. Fulfills identified need/diversity on Executive Committee (meeting skillsets desired, communication skills, leadership, etc.)
  6. Meets or exceeds all of the minimum expectations of an EC member
  7. Support from Program Director to take on this role.

The purpose of each Work Group is to enhance the overall value of membership in APPD. Work Groups represent an opportunity for member involvement, provide opportunities to identify and serve the overall purposes of the section and APPD.
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Overview of Guidelines and Structure

The APPD President and Executive Director shall be ex-officio members of all work groups, without vote, unless either or both are designated members of that work group. The Board of the APPD shall receive semi-annual reports on the activities of each work group. The work group chairperson, selected by the Executive Committee, will report to the Coordinators' Executive Committee at the Spring and Fall Meetings of the APPD or to the Executive Committee Co-Chairs if they are unable to attend those meetings. The work group chairperson will also have the option of asking a member of their work group to report in their absence. The Coordinators' Executive Committee will recommend work groups and develop their responsibilities, subject to APPD Board approval. The Executive Committee will be responsible for selecting each work group.

Coordinators' Work Groups

There are currently two Coordinators' Work Groups. To participate, please contact any member of the Coordinators' Executive Committee or the APPD office (

Coordinators' Mentoring Work Group

Coordinators' Communication and Tools Work Group

The Coordinators' Communication and Tools Work Group is responsible for the following:

  • Provide written communication to all coordinators (monthly e-bulletins and other APPD communications as needed and requested). (Communications will be reviewed by the Coordinators' Executive Committee and APPD office prior to dissemination.)
  • Work with the Coordinators' Executive Committee to ensure that the APPD is represented in a professional manner.
  • Lead in the collation and dissemination of information to all coordinators in a timely and professional fashion. Welcome new members with correspondence and notify the membership when coordinators receive certification, degrees or awards.
  • Work with the APPD office in the development and management of the Coordinators section of the APPD Website. Provide up-to-date, appropriate content, suggest improvements to functionality, and ensure branding is a key priority.