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Read some Testimonials below:

Thank you to the LEAD Council and members of my cohort  for pushing me and encouraging me to pursue scholarly activities.  Thank you for continually having the confidence in me that I may not have always seen in myself.

 Thank you to the LEAD Council and members of my cohort for being a support in my life  - the support, encouragement, and compassion I received from members of the council and members of my cohort was overwhelming.  Thank you for helping me achieve some of my goals, always being a source of support, and introducing me to some amazing people who I admire both professionally and personally.  The program you run is amazing and I am proud to have been a part of the LEAD family.    For me, LEAD was a bright spot and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”
--Brian Lurie, MD, MPH, FAAP

“I think that the biggest things that LEAD did for me was provide me with significant mentoring relationships outside of my institution.  This has supported me in doing more scholarship in the last 2 years than that I have done in the first six years combined! I think that being a member of LEAD cohort two has opened up significant doors, not only in my own institution, but on a national level. I really appreciate the opportunity!”
--Amanda Osta, MD

“The LEAD program provided me with a good foundation in leadership skills and has definitely served to enhance and shape my career as a clinician-educator and as a researcher.”
--Angela Myers, MD, MPH

“I remain so thankful to LEAD for the skills and the lifelong friends I acquired in the program. LEAD not only gave me the tools to succeed professionally but also the personal confidence to step into positions and tasks I otherwise might not have felt ready to embrace. I highly encourage anyone considering LEAD to take the leap – if nothing else, you will have the opportunity to be inspired by amazing colleagues both on the Council and in your Cohort.”
--Casey Hester , MD

“As a LEAD participant I have had the opportunity to be exposed to leaders in pediatric education who have provided guidance, mentoring and support while challenging me to expand my role as leader in pediatric education.”
--Stephanie Dewar, MD

“The APPD LEAD scholars program has provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills for academic educational development. The first and most important element was the core curriculum that covered a breadth of topics from preparing a CV to personal leadership styles. These topics filled in the necessary skills and knowledge that are essential to early career productivity and not routinely taught in a systematic fashion during GME training or early faculty development. Second, the small group format provides a venue for group problem solving and peer mentoring that enhances the process. My experience as a LEAD scholar has provided the core knowledge, skills and experience necessary for my faculty development as an educator.”
--Geoffrey Fleming, M.D.

“I know I have benefitted from what I have learned in the LEAD Program. It is a unique program because it focuses on specific, high-yield skills necessary to run a training program. The skills are practical and can be implemented immediately in my program. The fellows in my program have noticed a significant difference in many aspects of our program since I have been participating in LEAD. The LEAD program has allowed me to learn from national experts and just as importantly, meet other program directors from around the country looking to develop their skills as well.”
--Joe Cernich, MD

“The leaders who implemented the LEAD program within APPD have created a very effective and pragmatic leadership development program within academic pediatrics and medical education. It has been a privilege to participate in the inaugural cohort and interact and work with national colleagues and leaders in pediatric education. Current and aspiring leaders in pediatrics should apply to participate in this new program.”
--Chad Brands, MD

“The LEAD program has been a huge encouragement to me as a program director. The curriculum has helped expand my understanding of some of the crucial aspects of working as a middle manager. Understanding my own personality, leadership, and conflict management tendencies have helped increase my effectiveness and decrease my perceived stress. I have learned how to empower others and delegate more appropriately. I have also been more intentional about my own professional development - especially the planning required for academic advancement. By far the aspect of LEAD that has been most meaningful has been meeting so many terrific people! I now have a greatly expanded network of wonderful colleagues and a treasured mentor who encourages and pushes me in the ways I need. I don't think I could have asked for (or expected) more -- thanks so much for this opportunity -- I strongly recommend LEAD to others!”
--Jay Homme, MD

“There may be multiple reasons why we responded "yes" to our Chairs when asked to become program directors; there may be even days now that we can't remember those reasons, or they have changed. But one thing that seems to be in common is our passion for resident/fellow education and wanting to be a mentor for the next generation of pediatrics. As a program director of a little over two years, I needed assistance in channeling this passion for leadership in resident education. LEAD has given that direction for me. Like maybe some of you, I was going from one evaluation form to another and trying to learn the requirements that were changing faster than I could keep up. I found that this process was passion-draining. With LEAD, there became a cohesiveness to the process. Faculty development, annual educational reviews, resident and faculty scholarly activity (including my own research projects), resident feedback, and drawing of boundaries now all fit under the same umbrella rather than being individual duties on a checklist. Plus, LEAD has given me the time to take part in a national creative venue for new ideas and passions for resident education. Although the course work is rigorous and demanding, the time spent with the excellent faculty and the other members of LEAD has been career awakening!”
--Keith Mather

“LEAD has been invaluable. As Program Directors, we are busy taking care of residents, faculty, and the Program itself. LEAD gave me tools to do these tasks better, but also tools to take care of myself--time management, career progress, and conflict management. But the very best LEAD benefit is the circle of colleagues (participants and teachers) that I got to know and can call on for advice in the future.”
--Susie Buchter

“APPD LEAD really rejuvenated my efforts and my enthusiasm about my job as a program director. I don't see the change as a hurdle but opportunity and progress. And of course making new friends is a bonus. Thank you.”
--Renuka Verma, MD

The LEAD program has been an excellent experience and has really enhanced my formal training as a clinical educator. The sessions on leadership skills were very beneficial and can be used for mentoring junior faculty in the section. The Program leaders are exceptional role models for the best in clinical educators and I look forward to a continuing relationship for years to come. The work load is appreciable but doable during the year dedicated to the Program.
--Michelle S. Howenstine, MD