Program Directors

Program Directors will find many resources on to help you in your day-to-day job, program development, and personal career growth.

If you are new to the APPD, or to the role of Program Director, then click on some of the resources below, or in the links above by category. The following link includes details in the Program Director Handbook: For face-to-face information and networking, the Fall APPD meeting is especially geared for new directors. Additional information is found in the FAQ page.

If you are interested in APPD leadership opportunities, one good first step may begin with involvement in a Task Force or Regional activity. There are also many APPD Board positions and other leadership opportunities. Current facilitators of the Grassroots Forum for Program Directors are, Casey Hester, MD, (2015-2018), Jennifer DiPace, MD (2016-2019), and Vasu Bhavaraju, MD (2017-2020).

To stay connected to other Program Directors and share in group resources, use the Discussion Board, the PD listserve for connecting with other PDs APPD Listserve Use Policies, and other site resources to build connections. Annual Meetings are a great time to come together and learn from each other and work with many different members