Strategic Plans

A strategic plan serves as a roadmap for an organization. It provides direction, clarity, priorities and a framework for the leadership and staff. It should guide the board of directors and committees in achieving goals and allocating resources to meet member needs and to position the organization.

An Executive Summary of Vision 2020, the current APPD strategic plan is available here. The core goals are summarized below, with an accompanying figure indicating the interaction of these goals. Members are actively engaged in multiple Project Teams helping APPD achieve its vision.


  1. Development of Programs and Members
  2. Foster program development through supporting members in their professional development, academic advancement, career satisfaction and administrative activity.

  3. Organizational Excellence
  4. Maintain a dynamic organization with efficient and effective leadership that is responsive to its members.

  5. Leadership & Collaboration
  6. Advance graduate medical education through engagement and collaboration.

  7. Research & Scholarship
  8. Facilitate rigorous educational research, application and dissemination of best practices in GME which will lead to enhance the quality of future general and subspecialty pediatricians.

Strategic Plan 2020 Block

Prior Strategic plans are archived here:

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