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1. What is the APPD Share Warehouse?

APPD Share Warehouse is collaborative project that provides a platform for members to share their contributions with others.  APPD Share Warehouse was designed to serve as a platform through which members can receive recognition for their educational work.

2. Who has access to APPD Share Warehouse?

APPD Share Warehouse is restricted to only APPD members.

3. Can non-members submit materials to the APPD Share Warehouse?

No, only APPD members can submit materials to the Share Warehouse.  A non-member can collaborate with an APPD member to submit material as a co-author.

4. What types of material can authors submit to the APPD Share Warehouse?

Authors can submit material that fall into the following five categories (Program Administration, Policies, Curriculum. Assessment Tools, and Faculty Development).

5.What types of file format can authors submit to the APPD Share Warehouse?

Authors can submit files in commonly used formats (.doc, .ppt, .xls, and .pdf).

6. Can authors upload multiple files for his or her submission to APPD Share Warehouse?

Authors with multiple files can submit an archival file format (.zip) that contains more than one files that have been compressed.

7. Can authors submit materials that are similar to materials previously accepted in the APPD Share Warehouse?

Yes! APPD members are encouraged to share various solutions to common problems.

8. Can authors submit materials that contain copyrighted content?

Any material that has copyrighted content will not be posted immediately to the site, as it would need to be reviewed by the editorial group.  If you have obtained consent for this to be shared, please share this via

9. Who owns the intellectual property of materials in APPD Share Warehouse?

Authors maintain the ownership of their submitted materials.  APPD Share Warehouse does not pursue the intellectual property of any materials it receives.

10. What is the editorial peer review process for acceptance of a submission?

Typically content that is designated as “peer reviewed” has been deemed by our editorial group to have generalizable application to the pediatric learning community.  Examples would include curricula, faculty development or teaching tools, assessments, guidebooks/handbooks, and leadership tools.  Items such as policies, checklists/agendas, games, and similar materials would likely not be designated as “peer reviewed” but are essential for sharing in this platform.  Our editorial group reviews each item on an individual basis.

11. How does an author measure the impact of their submission?

Authors can view usage reports for each of their submission by signing into their APPD account and clicking on “Reports” tab.  Usage reports provide details regarding previews, downloads, and feedbacks.  Usage reports can accompany an author’s APPD Share Warehouse publication citation within CV packets as mean to support promotion and tenure decisions.

12. Can more than one author receive credit for a submission?

Although the inclusion of multiple co-authors is permitted, submissions to APPD Share Warehouse must identify one main author. 


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