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Regional Information for Midwest: IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, KS, NE, OK,SD

2018 APPD Midwest Region Meeting

Borman - Shoap Friendtorship- Approaching Mentorship from a Different Angle
Goodrich - A Perspective Study of a New Rounding Structure and its Effects on Learner Perceptions of Rounds
Schmidt - The Art and Science of Leadership in Medicine
Von Bevern - Changing Resident Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Late Patients

2017 APPD Midwest Region Meeting

HoME Written Documentation Rubric
HoME Oral Presentation Guide
Educational Threads in Academic Half Days
HoME Team
Narrative Medicine in Medical Training
Paging Communication Intervention
Structured Debriefing Sessions
The Examined Life
Wellness in Medical Practice (WIMP) Residency Curriculum