Association of Pediatric Program Directors Mission

To ensure the health and well-being of all children, we serve pediatric programs by leading the advancement of medical education, the development of a diverse workforce, the cultivation of an inclusive clinical learning environment, and promotion of educational innovation and research.

Peds Match 2023

Join FuturePedsRes, APPD, and COMSEP for the 3rd annual free webinar series, which will feature over 150 program directors and residency programs from across the United States!

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APPD has numerous resources available by position. Learn how you can get involved today.

The APPD Virtual Cafés provide an opportunity for members to come together and learn from one another. Typically, on Thursdays, we host an all-member Virtual Café with topics requested by the membership. Other days are sponsored by an Executive Committee to highlight information and discussion important to their member section.

The leadership of APPD, COMSEP, CoPS, AMSPDC, @FuturePedsRes, and Next Gen Pediatricians have been working collaboratively with Graduate Medical Education (GME) leaders, learners and Pediatrics Chairs to improve our residency and fellowship recruitment processes. View resources developed by these organizations and action teams for the pediatrics community.

Learn about how APPD can connect you with the resources and mentorship you need to ensure your program’s success. The greatest benefits of APPD are in connections, networking and personal relationships. APPD serves you in your personal growth, career development, program improvement, and service to faculty, trainees, and the patients we all care for.